The legendary Oleg Nikolaevitch Karavaychuk is the mysterious and moving subject of this loving film by director Duque. He was moved by the music the pianist composed for a film by Kira Muratova and is the first foreigner to win the trust of the eccentric and still active 89-year-old Russian.

Several biographical facts: Oleg Nikolayevich Karavaychuk (1927) played the piano for Stalin as a child prodigy, attended the Leningrad Conservatory and in the course of his career primarily wrote music for theatre and film - for instance, for Paradjanov and Muratova. In Russia, he is admired for his music and his playing, but also for his unique and eccentric personality. At the age of 89, Karavaychuk is still a controversial and puzzling figure in Russian culture. Who is this man, who looks as if he stepped out of a story by Gogol?

The beautiful film that Andrés Duque made about him is a gift to the viewer, a gift from an old artist who wants to be reconciled with the world and who transports us away from reality with words, gestures and piano playing, free of social conventions, to a world where clashing dissonants have a liberating beauty.


Participant:  Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaychuk.

Executive Production: Marta Andreu, Tània Balló, Lluis Miñarro, Serrana Torres

Director Assistant: Karina Karaeva.

Director of Photography: Carmen Torres.

Line Producer- Interpreter: Alexey Smychenko.

Editing: Felix Duque

Sound Engineer: Boris Alekseev

Etalonage: Federico Delpero

Sublimage Award and Video de Poche Award at FIDLab, FID Marseille (France, 2014).

International Film Festival Rotterdam, Official Selection: Voices (Nederland, 2016).

Punto de Vista Award. Festival Internacional de Cine Punto de Vista de Navarra (España, 2016).

Special Mention of the Jury of the International Competition and Best Original Soundtrack Award at Cinéma du Reel, Festival International des films documentaires. (France, 2016).

Festival Internacional de Cine de Montevideo, Official Selection (Uruguay, 2016).

Film Society of Lincoln Center, Art of the Real Program, New York (EEUU, 2016).

Play-doc Festival Internacional de Documentais, Sección Oficial, Tui (España, 2016).

Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires, Sección Oficial Fuera de Concurso (Argentina, 2016).

Talents Award and Special Mention Critics Award at D’A Festival Int. de Cinema d’autor Barcelona, (España, 2016).

Bildrausch Film Fest, Basel, Official Selection (Schweiz, 2016).

Beat Film Festival, Moscow, (Russia, 2016).

(S8) Mostra de Cine Periférico, A Coruña (España, 2016).

Olhar de Cinema, Festival Internacional de Curitiva, Outros Olhares Program (Brasil, 2016).

Film Festival München,  International Independents Program (Deutschland, 2016).

Riviera Maya International Film Festival, Official Selection (México, 2016).

Honorary Award to Andrés Duque Lima Independiente, Festival Internacional de Cine (Perú, 2016).

Odessa International Film Festival, Official Selection (Ucraína, 2016).

Hermitage State Museum - Saint Petersburg - July Program (Russia, 2016).

GARAGE  Contemporary Art Museum Moscow - July Program (Russia, 2016).

New Horizons Film Festival Wroclaw,  Official Selection (Polska, 2016).

Best Feature Film Award, Dokufest, Prizren, Official Selection (Kosova, 2016).

National Centre for Contemporary Arts - NCCA, Moskvá (Russia, 2016).

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, “Latitudes”  Program (España, 2016).

Jury Special Mention. Alcances, Festival de Cine Documental, Cadiz, Official Selection (España, 2016).

Pancevo Film Festival, Official Program (Srbija, 2016).

International Film Festival CINEMATIK Piestany, Official Program (Slovenka, 2016).

Jury Special Mention, Les Rencontres Cinématografiques de Cerbère-Portbou (Francia, 2016).

Message to Man Film Festival Saint Petersburg, Official Selection (Russia, 2016).

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de León MUSAC, October Program (España, 2016).

DocLisboa, Official Selection - Opening Film (Portugal, 2016).

VIENNALE, Official Selection (Österreich, 2016).

Jihlava IDFF Witness Program (Ceska Republika, 2016).

Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de la Plata, Official Selection (Argentina, 2016).

Best Film and Critics Award at CARACASDOCS, Festival de Cine Documental, Official Selection (Venezuela, 2016).

Minsk International Film Festival, Official Selection (Respublica Belarus, 2016).

Cambridge International Film Festival, Official Selection (U.K., 2016).

Centro Niemeyer, Avilés, October Program (España, 2016).

Museo Tabakalera, Donosti, October Program (España, 2016).

Museo Universidad de Navarra, November Program (España, 2016).

FIDOCS - Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago de Chile, Focus Andrés Duque (Chile, 2016).

Jury's Special Mention, Antofadocs - Festival Internacional de Cine Documental (Chile, 2016).

Museo Würth La Rioja, "The Screen of Arts" Program November (España, 2016).

BOZAR Center for Fine Arts, November Program (Bruxelles, 2016).

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SiberiaDOC - Krasnoyarsk - Official Program (Russia, 2016).

Festival de Cine de Zaragoza, Official Selection (Spain, 2016).

Porto/Post/Doc, Film & Media Festival (Portugal, 2016).

Nomination Best Cinematography y Best Original Score, Premios Fenix Iberoamérica (México, 2016).

Elektra Theater, Moscow - December Program (Russia, 2016).

MIRADASDOC Tenerife, Official Selection (España, 2017).

Göteborg International Film Festival, Official Selection (Sverige, 2017).

Best Feature Film Award and Lab80 Award at SEEYOUSOUND Film Festival Torino, (Italia, 2017).

Colección del Museo Ruso, San Petersburgo / Málaga, April Program (España, 2017).

Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, April Program (España, 2017).

EDOC, Encuentros del otro cine (Ecuador, 2017).

L.A. Ola Showcase (EEUU, 2017)

The Montalban, L.A. Ola Showcase (EEUU, 2017).

Anthology Film Archives, L.A. Ola Showcase (EEUU, 2017).

Festival Argeles/Mer, Official Selection (France, 2017).

Best Internacional Documentary Audience Award, Film Festival AricaDoc (Chile, 2017).

Cinemaissí Latinamerican Film Festival Helsinki (Finland, 2017).

Vilnius International Documentary Film Festival (Lietuvos, 2017).

Frontera-Sur Festival Internacional de Cine de No-Ficción, Concepción (Chile, 2017).

Best Foreign Documentary, Golden Unicorn Awards Londres (UK, 2017).

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